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Diversified manual manipulation

At Summit Chiropractic & Massage , we use an adjusting style commonly referred to as “Diversified.” First, an analysis of your spine is performed. This can initially involve a case history and X-ray pictures of your spine.

Subsequent visits may include motion palpation, with the chiropractor feeling the spinal joints move as you turn and bend. Or, a leg check may be performed, to uncover an imbalance in the neck or lower spine.

With the malposition of one or more spinal bones identified, a specific manual thrust is administered. The direction, speed, depth and angle that are used is the result of years of experience, practice and a thorough understanding of spinal mechanics.

The energy delivered during the thrust may produce a slight “popping” sound from the shifting of gas and fluids in the joint. This sound may be interesting, but is not a guide as to the value or effectiveness of the adjustment.

While improving spinal biomechanics can reduce nervous system interferences, virtually all joints of the body can be adjusted to help restore proper range of motion.

Low force manipulation techniques

Drop table technique

An adjustment method performed with the patient lying prone on a raised table. A portion of the table is then “dropped” down with a gentle thrust in order to produce the desired change in the joint or musculature.

Activator method

The activator is a hand-held spring-loaded adjusting instrument that delivers a small rapid pulse in order to gently help restore normal functioning in the body.

massage therapy

Massage Therapy compliments the chiropractic care you receive in our office.

Muscles react to stress by shortening and tightening up. This can lead to loss of flexibility in joints, misalignments, trigger points, decreased circulation, poor posture and poor health.

Therapeutic massage received regularly helps work out chronic muscular tension. Massage melts away tension, and if received regularly, keeps tension from building back up again. Not only will you feel better but you will be healthier from the inside out.

Massage Supports Chiropractic

You can benefit by adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care program.

  • Recovery is normally faster and more complete when you address multiple components of your pain.
  • Chiropractic treatment often proceeds more easily with less comfort when sot tissue has been relaxed with massage.
  • You may be less tense and more ready to receive a chiropractic adjustment after a massage.
  • Adjustments frequently last longer when muscle tension is released that might otherwise pull your joints out of alignment again.

Chiropractic Supports Massage

If you are seeking massage for general health or pain but find your pain persists or recurs, chiropractic could help in these ways.

  • If your problem has a “joint component” an adjustment may give immediate relief.
  • You will find that surrounding soft tissue heals quickly once it is no longer subjected to the stress of misaligned joints.
  • Improved joint movement can relax deep layers of muscle that is difficult to reach with massage.
  • With improved joint mobility exercise and stretching program will be more efficient and effective.

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Common questions

Yes. Most car insurances will cover your care. Please contact our office for more details.

Yes. Summit Chiropractic is an in-network preferred provider and accepts most insurance programs. For specific benefit information, please contact your insurance plan directly to receive information about what services may or may not be covered. We are happy to help you understand your coverage, and work with you and your provider to get you the treatment you need.

Low back pain, whiplash, auto accidents, neck pain, sciatica, sprains/strains, headaches, work related accidents.